CEC Initial and Advanced Preparation Standards

In December 2012 the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) approved the initial and advanced CEC Preparation Standards for special educators. The revised preparation standards will support CEC’s continued leadership in performance-based recognition of special education preparation programs. The CEC Preparation Standards have adopted a structure of seven standards with twenty-eight major elements that bring its structure into alignment with all the professional association partners in NCATE.

In accord with NCATE policy, the approval of the CEC Preparation Standards in December 2012 begins a 2 year transition during which preparation program faculty may choose to use the "old" CEC Content Standards or the "new" CEC Preparation Standards. Beginning in the spring of 2015 all preparation program reports must align to the "new" CEC Preparation Standards.

Initial Preparation Standards with Elaborations (NCATE approved 2012

Advanced Preparation Standards with Elaborations (NCATE approved 2012)

Initial and Advanced Specialty Sets While the seven initial and advanced CEC Preparation Standards with the major elements describe the specialized knowledge and skill to practice safely and effectively at initial and advanced levels, CEC uses the specialized content, issues, vocabulary, interventions, settings, etc. of specialty sets to inform the CEC Preparation Standards. All special education preparation programs will use either the initial or advanced CEC Preparation Standards as informed by the appropriate specialty set.