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 Reviewer Training at TED 2017
  Welcome to our new reviewers trained at TED 2017!

CEC would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the dedicated volunteers who make up our program review and audit teams. Each year, CEC reviewers review hundreds of program submissions from institutions across the country seeking preparation program recognition, and we appreciate the time, dedication, and commitment these individuals have for CEC, for quality educator preparation, and for children and youth with exceptionalities.

Interested in becoming a CEC Program Reviewer? Find out more about the application and training.

CEC would like to thank the following reviewers and auditors who participated in the Fall 2017 Review Cycle.

CEC would like to extend special thanks and sincere gratitude to Kathlene Shank, Ph.D., of Eastern Illinois University for her continuing contributions as co-coordinator of the SPA program reviews.

Trudy Abel, Ph.D., Bethel University

Patricia Aldridge, Ph.D., Virginia State University

Joni Baldwin, Ed.D., University of Dayton

Evelyn Barese, Ph.D., Mount St. Mary College

Beverly Barkon, Ph.D., Carlow University

Anne Bauer, Ed.D., University of Cincinnati

Dee Berlinghoff, Ph.D., Mount Saint Mary College

Margaret L. Briley, Ph.D., Youngstown State University

Rachelle Bruno, Ed.D., Northern Kentucky University

Vicki Caruana, Ph.D., Mount Saint Mary College

Gail Coulter, Ph.D., Western Washington University

Steve Crites, Ph.D., Northern Kentucky University

Andrea Dinaro, Ed.D., Concordia University Chicago

Joyce Anderson Downing, Ph.D., University of Central Missouri

Jannis Floyd, Ed.D., Mansfield University (Retired)

Elaine Foster, Ph.D., Grambling State University

Theresa Garfield, Ph.D., Texas A&M University—San Antonio

Roberta A. Gentry, Ph.D., University of Mary Washington

Chris Grissom, Ed.D., Marian University

Kathryn Havercroft, Ph.D., Eastern Illinois University

Christy Hooser, Ph.D., Eastern Illinois University

Patrick Ianniello, Ph.D., Metropolitan College of New York

Bernard Jones, Ed.D., West Virginia University

Melissa L. Jones, Ph.D., Eastern Illinois University

Effie Kritikos, Ph.D., Northeastern Illinois University

Tammy Mahon, Ed.D., Taylor University

April D. Miller, Ph.D., Morehead State University

Mike Monfore, Ph.D., Slippery Rock University

Kristi Morin, Ph.D., University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Gwendolyn Neal, Ed.D., Arkansas State University

Kathryn Newman, Ph.D., Grambling State University

Cynthia A. Nixon, Ed.D., Francis Marion University

Dava O'Connor, Ph.D., Lander University

Anne Papalia, Ph.D., Misericordia University

June Robinson, Ed.D., Indiana Tech

Amy Rosenstein, Ph.D., Eastern Illinois University

Mary Jean Sanspree, Ph.D., University of Alabama

Amy L. Schelling, Ed.D., Grand Valley State University

Joseph Sencibaugh, Ph.D., Webster University

Sunita Sharma, Ed.D., Virginia Union University

Terry L. Shepherd, Ed.D., Indiana University South Bend

Jennifer Stringfellow, Ph.D., Eastern Illinois University

Roberta Strosnider, Ed.D., Towson University

Annmarie Urso, Ph.D., SUNY Geneseo

Stephanie A. Woodley, Eastern Illinois University

Jie Zhang, Ph.D., The College at Brockport, SUNY


Interested in becoming a CEC Program Reviewer? Find out more about the application and training.