Program Reviewer Resources


Thanks for your interest in becoming (or your commitment to being) a CEC Program Reviewer! We are always seeking program reviewers for the growing number of preparation program performance reports. The process of becoming a reviewer is not complicated, but has a few steps. Please submit the CEC Program Reviewer Application and a copy of your resume or CV to After receiving approval of your application, you will be asked to participate in a day long preconvention workshop at either the CEC Convention in the early spring or the CEC Teacher Education Division's (TED) Conference in November. There is no registration fee for either of the workshops and you can register at the respective conference website you choose to attend.

Download the CEC Program Reviewer Application.

In addition to actively reviewing as frequently as possible on a collaborative team, CEC also expects program reviewers to continuously update and improve their knowledge. CEC program reviewers are asked to participate in at least one program reviewer update webinar per year. Of course, current program reviewers are welcome to participate in any of the CEC Program Reviewer workshops. For added convenience the most recent update is posted here each semester.

Perhaps the most helpful resource for both program reviewers and developers is the CEC Program Recognition FAQ, a collection of the most frequently asked questions by both reviewers and developers.

Program Reviewer Webinar Updates

Program Reviewer Resource Manual

The following Reviewer Resource Manual is a collection of resources and program reviewer rubrics for guidence in reviewing.


Sample Assessments