Preparation Program Recognition

In 2002, CEC made clear its expectation that preparation programs, whether traditional or alternative, should demonstrate their alignment with CEC preparation standards through submission to a CEC performance-based review. Over the past 15 years, CEC has reviewed almost 3,000 preparation programs from over 1,100 institutions.

CEC Professional Program Recognition in CAEP Partnership

For the majority of its program recognition work, CEC partners with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) . Both CEC and CAEP view the foundation of a strong profession as a shared body of specialized knowledge and skill based on research, and public confidence that professionals are prepared to practice. CAEP is built on the premise that strong professions depend upon “collective organization” and that accrediting bodies in the “mature professions” have played a catalytic role as the repositories of the consensus about the professions’ specialized knowledge and skill.

Special education teacher preparation programs professionally recognized by CEC

CEC Initial and Advanced Preparation Standards 

CEC Initial and Advanced Specialty Sets

While the seven initial and advanced CEC Preparation Standards with the major elements describe the specialized knowledge and skill to practice safely and effectively at initial and advanced levels, CEC uses the specialized content, issues, vocabulary, interventions, settings, etc. of specialty sets to inform the CEC Preparation Standards. So all special education preparation programs will use either the initial or advanced CEC Preparation Standards as informed by the appropriate specialty set. For guidance on selecting the appropriate specialty set for a preparation program, see Initial and Advanced Specialty Sets Flowchart.

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