U-STARS is designed to support teachers in the early recognition and nurturing of potential in children from economically disadvantaged and/or culturally/linguistically different families and in children with disabilities.

U-STARS~PLUS includes:

  • An observation tool and protocol to help teachers recognize children with outstanding potential who have often been overlooked;
  • Classroom materials for connecting science and literature through the use of questioning strategies that promote higher level thinking;
  • Family science take-home packets to help families become more involved in their child’s learning; and
  • Professional development modules to support teachers’ abilities to recognize and nurture potential in their classrooms.

U-STARS~PLUS has proven results:

  • Teachers are better able to recognize children’s academic potential, particularly the potential of boys of color;
  • Teachers use a wider range of strategies to differentiate instruction and have more confidence in their ability to meet the needs of their students;
  • Families have greater confidence that the schools are taking good care of their child(ren);
  • Families are more engaged in school activities, especially in academics;
  • Children are significantly happier in school.

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