Gifted Education

There are an estimated three million children with gifts and talents in the United States whose unique educational needs go largely unaddressed. By neglecting the educational needs of these students, we put our country at a disadvantage to effectively compete in the global marketplace and deprive them of an appropriate, challenging education. Dubbed the “quiet crisis” by former U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley in 1993, the availability of gifted education still varies dramatically between and within states, leaving many of our nation’s schools under-prepared to meet the learning needs of students with gifts and talents. CEC has these resources available to help you learn more about gifted education, connect you with other gifted education professionals, and better understand the issue of underrepresentation of minority and low-income students.



Designed to support teachers in the early recognition and nurturing of potential in children from economically disadvantaged and/or culturally/linguistically different families and in children with disabilities.

Practice Resources

Publications, journal articles, reports and products that will expand your understanding of underrepresentation.


Division on Gifted

CEC's Special Interest Division, The Association for the Gifted (TAG), promotes the welfare and education of children and youth with gifts, talents, high potential and those who are twice-exceptional.


Policy Proposals

Together we can make national change in the support for gifted funding and the fight against underrepresentation.