International Outreach

Advancing Special Education Practice Worldwide

CEC works with other countries to help them enhance their services for students with disabilities. An essential aspect of CEC's international outreach is its Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES). DISES promotes international communication, cooperation, and progress in education and services for children who have disabilities and/or gifts and talents. DISES serves as a catalyst for the international exchange of special education practice, promotes international research, and sponsors forums for professional development, and establishes networks that foster international association.

A significant part of CEC's work in international special education is its collaboration with DISES and the Step by Step Programs* to improve inclusive education in 29 countries. CEC offers professional development resources and multi-media training tools to international educators and hosts a section on the CEC Web site, by which international educators can access materials to guide their work. CEC also provides these educators with mentoring from U.S. and European experts as well as technical assistance on disability issues.

Additionally, through its International Outreach program, CEC hosts educational delegates from the world over. These delegates are sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, International Visitor Program, and other private international organizations. Each year, numerous educators from other nations attend CEC's Annual Convention & Expo. A highlight of CEC’s convention is the International Showcase Session, at which invited international guest speakers present.

* CEC's work in this area is supported by a grant from The Open Society Institute