Advancing Special Education Practice Worldwide

CEC works with other countries to help them enhance their services for students with disabilities. Through its International Outreach program, CEC hosts educational delegates from the world over. The U.S. Department of State, International Visitor Program, and other private international organizations sponsor these delegates.

International membership to CEC provides special education professionals overseas a broad spectrum of information services and professional development opportunities not available elsewhere. Each year, numerous educators from other nations attend CEC's Annual Convention & Expo.

Division of International Special Education and Services

International CEC activity is enhanced by its Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES). DISES promotes international communication, cooperation, and progress in education and services for children who have disabilities and/or gifts and talents. DISES serves as a catalyst for the international exchange of special education practice, promotes international research, and sponsors forums for professional development, and establishes networks that foster international association.

DISES also collects and disseminates information regarding international meetings, exchange opportunities, and special education activities and practices throughout the world. It also publishes a newsletter for its members on a collection of topics reflecting the current world scene with regard to the education of children and disabilities and/or who are gifted.

International CEC members may join DISES and 17 other CEC professional divisions. Many of the divisions publish authoritative, specialized journals. All of them send informative newsletters to members each year.