Life Centered Education (LCE) Transition Curriculum

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CEC is proud to present the entirely online Life Centered Education (LCE) transition curriculum and assessment portal.

Discover how LCE can help you better prepare your students for independent and rewarding lives after they finish school.

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LCE Pricing

Subscription Option  First-Year Price Annual Renewal Fee 
Individual License
1 teacher, up to 30 students
 $800  $220
Group License
Up to 10 teachers, up to 200 students
 $2,340  $440
Group License Add-On (each)
Up to 5 additional teachers, up to 100 additional students  
 $1,200  $220

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LCE Training Videos

LCE_video_placeholderThese training resources are intended for current license holders of the LCE curriculum. Please review these short (about 10 minutes each), recorded webinars which will outline the following for current LCE users:

LCE Curriculum Overview

LCE Curriculum Components

LCE New User Guide (getting started)

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