PDH Information

Does CEC offer Professional Development Hours (PDHs)?

CEC offers 1 Professional Development Hour (PDH) for each hour of live webinar instruction.  Anyone who attends a live webinar, either as an individual or as part of a group, is eligible to apply for CEC PDHs.

You must attend a webinar live to be eligible for PDHs. Registrants who do not attend the live webinar are not eligible to claim hours. CEC reserves the right to not offer PDHs for webinars that are open to the public or broadcast through a livesteaming service on a social media platform.

Recorded webinars are not eligible for PDHs. This includes webinars offered complimentary to members in the All-Member Forum or through other channels, webinars available publicly on the CEC website or other video hosting site, and webinars purchased by an individual or organization who have been sent a link to recordings.

Does CEC offer certificates of attendance or transcripts?

CEC offers Professional Development Hours for webinars, and does not offer certificates of attendance or PD transcripts. Please see above for the policies regarding the issuance of PDHs.

How do I apply?

Upon completion of a webinar, a follow-up email is sent to the attendee of the live webinar (the person who registered and received the confirmation email).  Included in the follow-up email is a link to fill out a survey and provide your contact information so that we may send you a PDH transcript.

If you are not the registrant but you attended as part of a group you can still apply for PDHs. Have the registrant forward you the follow-up email, or contact profdev@cec.sped.org to receive the follow-up email directly.  Be sure to include your name, email address, and the title of the webinar you attended.

Professional Development Hours are not available for CEC recorded webinars.

Are CEC PDHs valid for teacher recertification?

This is determined on a state by state basis.  If you plan to use CEC PDHs toward recertification, please check with your state's department of education or certifying body to be sure CEC PDHs are accepted.