Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

FAQs about CEC PDHs

Learn more about how to apply for PDHs for CEC webinars.

What are CEC PDHs?

One professional development hour (PDH) represents one clock hour in a planned continuing education experience that is relevant to the profession or discipline of special education, developed from explicit learning outcomes, conducted by qualified instructional personnel, and designed to reflect principles of good practice in adult education.

Why does CEC award PDHs?

States and professional organizations use different units of measurement for professional development activities (credits, CEUs, PDUs, CMHs, etc.).  We have adopted PDHs as the CEC unit of measurement because clock hours are the common denominator underlying most systems of measuring continuing education activities.

Which CEC events and activities carry PDHs?

CEC professional development activities that award PDHs will always include that information, along with the number of PDHs available, with promotional material.  In general, CEC webinars, conferences, institutes, the annual convention, and other formal professional development activities carry PDHs.

Activities that are generally not eligible for PDHs include service on committees and boards and training related to volunteer roles in CEC (e.g., membership development training for unit officers).

What are the requirements to earn PDHs?

  • You must be registered for the event or activity.
  • You must meet the completion requirement for the event.  Typically, you must attend or participate for at least 90% of the scheduled instructional time to qualify for PDHs.

How will my PDHs be documented?

Procedures for receiving PDHs will be explained at each professional development event.  You'll receive a PDH certificate by email or US mail, depending on the event.

Be sure to keep these certificates for your records.

Will CEC PDHs count toward my license or certification requirements?

You should always check in advance with the licensing or certifying body to learn whether they will accept CEC PDHs.

CEC PDHs count toward maintenance of the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence.  One CEC PDH equals one ASHA Certification Maintenance Hour (CMH).  If you are selected for audit, you will need to be able to produce your PDH certificates to document your hours.