Stress, Burnout, and Working with Children with EBD


10/23/2014 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

10/23/2014 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In collaboration with the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)

Thursday, Oct. 23
4-5 p.m. ET

It’s no surprise that teachers—especially in their first five years in the classroom—experience elevated levels of stress. And teachers who work with children with EBD deal with an extra layer of challenge on top of the paperwork, large caseloads, lack of resources, and high-stakes tests that affect most teachers. This webinar will equip you to monitor yourself for subtle signs of stress and impending burnout, and give you a set of strategies for self-management and self-care. Beyond taking care of yourself, you’ll also learn how to work productively with administrators to remove or mitigate some of the root causes of school-based stressors.

Learner Outcomes:

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the causes of stress, burnout and attrition in teachers, with attention to special factors affecting personnel who work with students who exhibit challenging behaviors
  • Identify signs and symptoms of stress and burnout in yourself and others
  • Implement strategies to help you manage stress on a personal level
  • Identify and advocate for strategies to support teachers, reduce attrition, and improve the quality of work life for personnel working with students with EBD


Edward CancioEd Cancio has been a special educator for 33 years. He spent fifteen years in the public schools, eight years as a teacher of students with EBD and seven years as a special education administrator. Currently an associate professor at the University of Toledo, Dr. Cancio has studied stress, burnout, and attrition of teachers of students with challenging behaviors for approximately 20 years. He has co-authored many articles and presented at numerous state and national conferences on the topic. His special interests include how teachers and administrators can address the pervasive problems of stress, burnout, and attrition, and effective administrative supports for teachers of students with EBD.