Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities for CEC 2014 are available. Volunteers save 40% on registration for committing eight hours of volunteer time during convention week, April 7-12, and it is now open to everyone!

If you are interested in volunteering, please email volunteer2014cec@gmail.com and include your name, address, professional affiliation and phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my registration cost if I volunteer?
    The rates listed have been reduced by 40%; no further reductions will be allowed.


    Volunteer Registration
    Discounted Rates





    Student Member


    Life/Retired Member


  • How long must I work to receive the reduction?
    The minimum amount of time to volunteer for the reduction is eight (8) hours.
  • Must I work all eight hours in one block?
    No, the time can be broken up into two blocks of four hours each.
  • I may only be able to attend sessions for one day. Can I get the reduction for the one day?
    Sorry, in order to get the reduced rate, there is an eight-hour commitment involved. An individual cannot attend the convention and volunteer eight hours in the same day.
  • Does reduction apply to all aspects of the convention?
    Special events are not eligible for a reduced rate. We do need volunteers for Preconvention Workshops on Wednesday, April 9. Preconvention Workshop volunteers arrive early and stay for the workshop. Workshop registration is not required, but all-day attendance is a must to perform the various duties AND convention registration is required (at the volunteer rate).
  • How many volunteers are needed for the convention?
    About 200.
  • Are there individuals who get "first option" at the volunteer slots?
    Individuals from Pennsylvania will be given first preference, non-Pennsylvania residents who are CEC members will be given second preference, and non-Pennsylvania residents who are not CEC members will be considered last.
  • When will I know if I have been selected to be a volunteer?
    You will be notified on or before February 15, 2014.
  • If I am selected to volunteer, how do I register and get credit for the reduction?
    Once an individual has been accepted as a volunteer and has accepted the volunteer assignment (eight hours assigned during the week of the convention), he or she will receive a CEC registration form designated for volunteers.
  • What happens if, after I register, I determine that I can't fulfill my volunteer commitment?
    The volunteer committee chair will notify CEC and CEC will bill you for the difference in registration price.
  • Will I have any "say" as to what I will do as a volunteer?
    You will be contacted and asked if there are specific areas or duties you are interested in. We will try to place you in your preferences -- but we cannot guarantee it.
  • Will there be training for the volunteers?
    Yes, volunteer training sessions will be held throughout each day.