Earning CEUs at CEC 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CEUs?

Local education agencies (LEAs), state education agencies (SEAs), and some professional associations require employees/members to complete certain types of professional development activities. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded to provide evidence of the completion of these activities. CEUs are not university credits.

CEC awards .10 CEU for each hour of instruction.

Will My School District, State, or Other Organization Accept CEC CEUs?

Most state education agencies accept CEC CEUs; however, others do not. You will need to contact your district or state department of education to find out whether CEC CEUs are accepted. CEC provides participants with a transcript verifying the CEUs earned, but it is the responsibility of individuals to submit their CEUs to their employers.

Can I Earn CEUs at the CEC Convention & Expo?

At CEC 2013, you may earn CEUs for attending any preconvention workshop or the institute or all of the sessions of any of the convention strands. These events are eligible for CEUs because they specify and evaluate learner outcomes. Each hour at one of these events earns .10 of a CEU.

  • Preconvention Workshops and Institute
    The majority of the preconvention workshops and the institute are 6 hours in length. If you participate in a 6-hour preconvention workshop, you are eligible to earn .6 CEUs. Half-day workshops are 3 hours in length, which is equivalent to .3 CEUs.
  • Strands
    In order to be eligible to earn CEUs for one or more strands, you must attend all the sessions of those strands. Strands differ in the number of sessions they include, and therefore in the number of CEUs that can be earned. However, as with other CEU-earning events, each hour of instruction is worth .10 CEU. Credit will not be given to individuals who do not attend all the sessions in any given strand. In addition, CEUs cannot be earned by combining sessions in different strands.

Earn CEC CEUs in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. REGISTER. Your full convention registration gives you access to all the Strands. Preconvention workshops and the institute require a separate registration fee. You can register and pay for a preconvention workshop or the institute until the morning of Wednesday, April 3.
  2. PARTICIPATE. Attend the full preconvention workshop, institute, or strand. (You must attend each session in the strand. Credit will not be given to individuals who attend sessions across strands.)
  3. COMPLETE THE PARTICIPANT EVALUATION. At the end of each preconvention workshop, institute, or strand, program hosts will distribute “bookmarks” that carry a URL that links to the participant form for that particular event. Enter that URL in the Internet browser on your computer, and it will take you to the Survey Monkey form for that workshop, institute, or strand. If you fill the form out completely, including the name and address page, then the CEUs for that event will be awarded to you.

When Do I Get My Transcript?  

You will receive a transcript of the CEC CEUs you have earned and applied for, via the Survey Monkey forms described above, approximately eight weeks from the date on which you complete the online form. Your record of CEC CEUs will be maintained for five years. To request a transcript of all CEUs you have earned over the past five years, please e-mail profdev@cec.sped.org with your name, your contact information, and the details of your request. You may request one transcript per year at no charge. Additional transcripts are $10 each.

How Much Are CEUs?

There is no additional charge for CEUs; the cost is included in your registration fees.

My Employer Wants to Verify I Attended. What Can I Do?

Your CEU transcript can be used for this. If you don’t want CEUs but need to show your employer proof of attendance, please stop by the onsite Headquarters Office, located in CEC Central (where registration is located), and request a Certificate of Attendance. Your certificate will be available for you to pick up by the end of the day.