CEC Celebrates 41 Years of IDEA

Special Education Makes a Difference!

On the 41st anniversary of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Council for Exceptional Children reflects on the efforts of children and youth with disabilities, their families, educators, and policymakers who were instrumental in the passage of this legislation and remain committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities attain a lifetime of success. 

On November 29, 1975, President Gerald Ford signed into law the Education for all Handicapped Children Act (P.L. 94 – 142), legislation that paved the way for improved educational outcomes for individuals with disabilities. CEC was at the forefront of the advocacy effort – alongside many parents, organizations and individuals with disabilities – a movement that marked a dramatic shift in how our nation supports and educates individuals with disabilities.

IDEA 41: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow PowerPoint

Please feel free to use this short PowerPoint in your own State and Division celebrations!

Exceptional Children and TEACHING Exceptional Children

TEC 475The following articles from Exceptional Children and TEACHING Exceptional Children provide insights into evidence based practices for educating children and youth with disabilities, a look back at how special education has evolved, and a glimpse of its future.

Elizabeth Farrell and the History of Special Education

P5528_Elizabeth_Farrell1280x300This is the inspirational story of a genuine American hero - the woman who "created" special education and devoted her life to making a difference with lives of children and American public advocacy. Read more here.