CAN Resources

As a CAN Coordinator, you are one of CEC's premier grassroots advocates. To help you prepare for this role, CEC has developed the following resources to assist you in starting or enhancing your grassroots network.

National Legislative Conference - CAN Meeting, June 7, 2014

You're a CAN Coordinator, Now What!?

Expanding Your Reach, Coalition Building

Maximizing Your Potential on Capitol Hill: Developing Relationships with Elected Officials

Walk Down Civics Memory Lane

Looking in the Crystal Ball: The Future of the CAN Network

Rethinking & Reauthorizing IDEA

CAN Evaluation Tool

CAN Training Materials Resources

PowerPoint on Washington Issues

A useful Power Point filled with information on key issues being
focused on in Washington. Share it with your network and use it
at meetings! 

CEC's Congressional Recess Packet August 2015

All the information you need to schedule and have an effective
meeting with your Congressional delegation! 

Responsibilities of a CAN Coordinator

CEC's Responsibilities to CAN Coordinators

Strengthening Grassroots Advocacy: A Toolkit for the Everyday Activist

Do's and Don'ts When Dealing with Elected Officials

Legislative Action Center Flyer

Advocacy for Everyone: Meeting and Building Relationships with Legislators and Staff! 

How to Conduct a Training Workshop for Your Unit

Establishing, Building, Organizing and Maintaining a CAN Network

Navigating Your Way Through the Legislative Process

Influencing Policy Making at a Grassroots level

Coalition Building: Expanding Your Reach

Advocacy Presentations (CAN Meeting 2012)

Walk Down Civics Memory Lane: Navigating through the Legislative and Appropriations Process

Federal Budget

Education Sciences Reform Act

What Else is Happening in Washington?

ESEA Reauthorization

The Future of Testing

Advocacy One-Pagers

Federal Appropriations Process

Tips for Organizing a Successful Advocacy Phone Call

Tips for Organizing a Successful Advocacy Visit

The Legislative Process

Top 5 Advocacy Tips

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