Free or inexpensive technology that can be easily utilized by teachers to add layers of access for students with disabilities.  

This feature in CEC Today builds on the principles of universal design for learning (UDL) in the selection of materials, with a focus on those programs that support multiple means of representation, engagement or expression for students. 

Current Te(a)chnology

Controlling iPad Settings

This month’s Te(a)chnology ideas come via the All-Member Forum in the CECommunity from CEC members who are sharing how to use technology in the classroom to enhance access for all students.

More Te(a)chnology

Enhancing Access for All Students

Using SlideBoom to Repurpose Your PowerPoint Presentations

Audio Note & Vocaroo

Access in Every Classroom

Using Make Beliefs Comix to Encourage Writing, Support Emotional Development, & More,

3 Novel Ways to Use Class Dojo