Your Frequently-Asked Questions

How much are CEC membership dues? 

CEC has several membership options with expanded benefits and services—and the ability to select the option that best meets your needs (and budget). You can click here for more information about the new membership options and to compare the benefits.

How do I redeem my complimentary webinar(s) as a Premier/Full Member?

To redeem your complimentary webinar, first log into your member profile. Browse our Recorded Webinars in the CECatalog, click the "Get Pricing!" button, and add the webinar(s) of your choice to your cart.  Once you have added your webinar(s), click View Cart.  The top of the page is a section called Apply Member Benefit. This section displays how may complimentary webinar(s) you are eligible to receive.  Select the appropriate number that you are redeeming and click Apply.

Please note: After you click Apply, you will receive a new message under Apply Member Benefit to immediately access your webinar.  A receipt will not be sent and you do not have to click Submit Order at the bottom unless you are purchasing other items.

How do I view my Recorded Webinars?

Downloaded webinars can be viewed by accessing your member profile.  Select My History and scroll to the bottom of the page to My Downloadables.

I'm a Premier member, how do I redeem my complimentary e-Book?

Your complimentary e-Book will be selected by CEC and automatically sent to you in an email during the Fall.

I'm a Premier member, how do I redeem my complimentary Bonus Book?

Bonus books will be mailed every March/April to current CEC Premier members in good standing.

How long is my CEC membership term?

The CEC membership term is one anniversary year, and all new and reinstated memberships and journal subscriptions begin when dues are processed and continue for a complete twelve months. Sample membership terms are July 7, 2014 through July 31, 2015 and November 1, 2014 through November 30, 2015.

Are my CEC membership dues tax-deductible?

Dues and subscriptions paid to CEC are NOT considered charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. However, they may be deducted as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Members should consult their tax advisors for further guidance. Note that a charitable gift made at the time of renewal (a gift separate from and in addition to your membership dues) IS tax deductible.

What is the CEC Membership Refund Policy?

Please click here to view the CEC Membership Refund Policy.

Can I submit an application to join CEC online?

Yes - you may apply online with a credit card. Applications can be downloaded for emailing, faxing or mailing to CEC. Purchase orders are not accepted online and need to accompany an emailed, faxed or mailed application.

If my membership has lapsed, how can I reactivate it?

Contact CEC’s Customer Service Center toll free at 888-232-7733, or use the telecommunication provider of your choice. Representatives are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. or e-mail at

How do I change my contact information with CEC?

Members may go online to their Member Profile or email changes to CEC Customer Service at service@cec.sped.orgPlease allow 3-4 weeks for postal mailings to reflect any changes.

What is a CEC State/Provincial Unit or Specialty Interest Division?

CEC State/Provincial Units and Special Interest Divisions are subgroups within CEC which provide opportunities for members to interact with colleagues with similar interests and to keep abreast of new developments in their specialized fields. When you join CEC you are automatically assigned to your state/provincial unit.  A state unit is an organization of all CEC members within a state. For example, Virginia CEC is composed of all CEC members in the state of Virginia.

Memberships in Specialty Interest Divisions are at an additional cost, except for Premier Membership (one included). Only CEC Members are eligible to join the Divisions.

I am a current CEC member, can I add a CEC Division online?

Unfortunately, CEC Divisions may not be added online at this time. To add a division, please contact CEC’s Customer Service Center at 888-232-7733.

Will the CEC Division dues be pro-rated if I add a division during my current membership term? 

Yes, CEC division dues will be prorated based on the time of month you are in your membership term.  Division membership will expire at the time of your CEC membership term.

How do I start a CEC chapter or reactivate an inactive chapter? 

All CEC chapters must be approved by your CEC state/provincial unit. Visit to learn more about the chapter creating/reactivation process.