CEC 2014 Workgroups

Workgroups are established by the Board of Directors and are assigned a specific charge and outcomes to be completed within a designated period of time. Workgroup members have knowledge, skills, and expertise in a particular area of strategic importance to the Council. The workgroup chair reports to the Board of Directors through the President Elect.

Diversity Workgroup

The Diversity Workgroup is charged with recommending: (1) outcome metrics and processes for the Board of Directors to determine its and CEC’s effectiveness in advancing diversity within the field and organization; (2) information and standards or criteria for making this determination; and (3) the mechanism(s) to provide input to and assist the Board with its diversity responsibilities and initiatives. 

  • Raquel Gonzáles (Chair)
  • Beverley Argus-Calvo
  • Rose Marie Matuszny
  • Patricia Alvarez-McHatton 
  • Theodore Pikes 
  • Mickie Wong-Lo (Board Representative)

CEC/CEC Pioneers Division Mentoring Program Workgroup

The CEC/CEC-PD Mentoring Program Workgroup mission is to review the background literature on mentoring programs, examine the current program offerings, and design a robust mentoring program. The workgroup will develop:

  1. A set of recommendations to improve the current program.
  2. A plan to facilitate recruitment, retention, and vitality of mentors and mentees.
  3. A recommend budget for sustaining a mentoring program.
  • Claudia Rinaldi (Chair)
  • Pamela Gilet
  • Ashlee Florer
  • Laurel Jefsen
  • Linda Marsal
  • Chance Scott
  • Michael Thew