Courtesy Resolutions: Honoring CEC Members and Their Contributions 

CEC is proud to have had so many leaders in the field of special education call CEC their professional home. Their contributions to the profession and to CEC have made an indelible impact. These devoted educators serve as a stellar example of the amazing difference one person can make.

Courtesy resolutions honor members who have made a significant and sustained contribution to CEC and, thereby, to the field of special and gifted education. These resolutions recognize major contributions made to the organization’s welfare. The content of the resolutions also provides a historical record of the development of the field of special and gifted education and describes how CEC has been contiributed to the evolution of the field. Being recognized with a CEC Courtesy Resolution is the highest of honors for those who have contributed so much throughout their extensive careers.

Members must have had held leadership positions within CEC and made significant contributions to the international organization. 

Recognition for individuals/entities cited in courtesy resolutions will be given during the meeting of CEC’s Representative Assembly, held during the annual convention. 

For 2019, requests for courtesy resolutions by the Representative Assembly must be received no later than October 29, 2018.

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2018 Courtesy Resolutions

Gerald J. "Jerry" Hime - WHEREAS, Gerald J. Hime was a special day class teacher, education-site principal of special education programs, director of special education, adjunct professor at California State University-Fullerton, California State University-Long Beach, and the University of San Diego...(read more)

2017 Courtesy Resolutions

There were no courtesy reslutions requested of the RA in 2017.

The Board of Directors passed the following resolutions. (Read the full story.)

Framing Paper Workgroup - WHEREAS, the Framing Paper Workgroup was appointed by the CEC Board of Directors on September 25, 2014 and charged to: Following industry best practices and guidelines from the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), CEC periodically coordinates the revision of the three sets of standards that guide the profession—preparation, practice, and ethical standards...(read more)

IDEA Reauthorization Workgroup - WHEREAS, the IDEA Reauthorization Recommendations Workgroup was appointed by the CEC Board of Directors in December 2015 and charged to solicit input from the CEC membership and to develop CEC’s IDEA reauthorization principles and recommendations...(read more)

Kathlene Shank - WHEREAS, Dr. Kathlene Shank of Eastern Illinois University has served as a volunteer leader to CEC and its committees dedicated to upholding the professional preparation standards...(read more)

2016 Courtesy Resolutions

Frances Partridge Connor - WHEREAS, Dr. Frances Partridge Connor was a dedicated teacher, scholar, author, administrator, and advocate who worked during her extensive lifelong career on behalf of the education of children and youth with physical and learning problems... (read more)

Lynne Harris Cook - WHEREAS, Dr. Lynne Harris Cook was a dedicated teacher, teacher educator, researcher, policy expert, and community leader who worked for more than 47 years in the field of special education, sharing her expertise with children and youth with disabilities and their teachers, her students, university colleagues, parents, and her community... (read more)

2015 Courtesy Resolutions

Frederick J. Weintraub - WHEREAS, Frederick J. Weintraub had a long and distinguished career as a public policy analyst, a strong advocate for special education, an architect of national special education public policy and early childhood intervention landmark legislation, and a consultant and advisor to state, provincial, and Federal governments concerning legislation and advocacy for infants and toddlers and children and youth with disabilities and gifts and talents ...(read more)

Kenneth E. Wyatt - WHEREAS, Dr. Kenneth Emerson Wyatt was a dedicated special education director, administrator with the U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), teacher educator, and mentor who had a long distinguished career working on behalf of the education of children and youth with disabilities and preparing special education professionals ...(read more)

2014 Courtesy Resolutions

James Gallagher - WHEREAS, Dr. James J. Gallagher was a dedicated psychologist, teacher, senior scientist, and seminal researcher, who worked for more than 60 years on behalf of the education of children and youth with gifts and talents, developmental disabilities, and in the field of early childhood education...(read more)

Eleanor Guetzloe - WHEREAS, Dr. Eleanor Guetzloe had a most distinguished 50-year career in the field of music education and special education dedicating many years working tirelessly to educate and to advocate for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders...(read more)

Janette Klingner - WHEREAS, Dr. Janette Klingner was a dedicated teacher, researcher, author, collaborator, and CEC leader, who worked for close to four decades on behalf of the education of children and youth with disabilities and specifically those from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds...(read more)

2013 Courtesy Resolutions

Maynard Reynolds

Pam Gillet

Bruce Ramirez

Kay Wright Rush

Wayne Nesbit

2012 Courtesy Resolutions

Charles M. Heuchert

Nicholas Anastosiow

2011 Courtesy Resolutions

Robert E. Abbott

Joycelyn Wortham

Lynn and Doug Fuchs

Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders

2010 Courtesy Resolutions

Steven Graham

Mary Jean Lambert

Alex Peck and Stan Scarpati

June P. Robinson