Representative Assembly

CEC’s Representative Assembly (RA) is the Council’s membership advisory body. The RA includes two representatives from each state/provincial unit, division and the student membership. It provides input to the Board of Directors on positions CEC is considering on issues related to the field and profession, strategic direction, policy initiatives, and other similar issues. The RA meets formally once a year at the CEC Convention and conducts business online throughout the year.

Recent small group discussions and online opportunities to provide feedback to the Board or other CEC bodies include: 

Courtesy Resolutions: Honoring CEC Members 

The annual RA meeting is also a time to honor members who have made notable contributions in conducting the business of the international organization to fulfill its obligations to the general membership and/or the field. Find out more about Courtesy Resolutions and members/entities recently recognized.

Questions, comments or find out who your unit or division representative is.

2018 Meeting of the Representative Assembly

2017 Meeting of the Representative Assembly

2016 Meeting of the Representative Assembly

2015 Meeting of the Representative Assembly

2014 Meeting of the Representative Assembly