CEC Committees

CEC committees are responsible for advising the Board of Directors in their particular areas and/or exceution of specific activities/programs. All report to the Board of Directors.

Committee chairs are nominated by the President, subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Committee members are nominated by the committee chair (or chair-designate when one exists) and approved by the President.

Standing Committees

Finance and Audit Standing Committee

The Finance and Audit Standing Committee addresses the financial stability of CEC and recommends to the Board of Directors the action to be taken on the annual program plan and budget. Other duties relate to the review of financial policies. The Committee is chaired by the Treasurer.  The President Elect also serves as a member of the committee.

Jim McCormick, Chair (CEC Treasurer)

Jennifer Lesh (President Elect)

Laurie Jefsen

April Miller

Cindi Nixon

Laura Nugent

Jane Quenneville

Leadership Development Committee

Purpose: Identify, nurture and develop leadership potential and skills in emerging leaders. Duties include: intentionally identifying, cultivating, recruiting, and orienting, a well-qualified and diverse pipeline of volunteer leaders for board and committee positions that are responsive to the current and future needs of CEC. The Immediate Past President is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the LDC.

Mikki Garcia, Ed.D. Chair 
   Consultant, JEM Educational
   Midway, GA
Anna M. Adl, M.S. 
   Diagnostician/New Teacher Induction Coordinator, School District of Cudahy
   Cudahy, WI
Sheila B. Bailey, Ph.D.
   Executive Director, Virginia Council of Administrators of Special Education
   Prince George, VA
Robin D. Brewer, Ph.D. (Governance Assessment Workgroup Representative)
   Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado
   Greeley, CO
William K. Bogdan, Ed.D.
   Leadership Consultant
   Cincinnati, OH
Maureen O’Leary Burness, M.S.
   Special Education Leadership Consultant
   Technical Assistance Facilitator
   Sacramento, CA
Marilyn Friend, Ph.D.
   President of Marilyn Friend, Inc. (consulting and publishing)
   Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
   Washington, DC 
Kelly J. Grillo, Ph.D.
   High School Biology LEAD Inclusion Teacher, Flagler County Schools
   Title I Tutor; Adjunct Instructor, University of Central Florida
   Ormond Beach, FL
Gloria Niles, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor of Special Education, University of Hawaii West Oahu
   Kapolei, HI
Zachary Walker, Ph.D.
   Associate Professor, University College London Institute of Education
   London, England

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Advisory Committees

Honors Committee

The Honors Committee selects the recipients of the CEC Professional Awards. The Honors Committee also periodically reviews the CEC Awards program and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for enhancements.

Kat Boisvert, Chair

Janet DeSimone

Antonis Katsiyannis

Clayton Keller

Glennda McKeithan

Megan McMillan

Sandy Shacklady-White


Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.

Professional Standards and Practice Committee

The Professional Standards and Practice Committee studies the area of practice standards and advises the Board of Directors regarding CEC professional policies and activities. Other duties include the development of guidelines and materials to assist the field in meeting the Council’s professional standards.   

James McLeskey, Chair
Tammy Barron

Penny Cantley

Toni Franklikn

Theresa Garfield

Kharon Grimmet

Maria Peterson-Ahmad

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Representative Assembly Committee

The Representative Assembly Committee advises the presiding officer of the Representative Assembly (the CEC President) on procedures, formats, and field-based issues for Assembly meeting discussions or online input opportunities. Other duties include approval of Assembly meeting minutes, conducting orientations and online discussions, and determining eligibility for courtesy resolutions.

Joe DeMarsh, Chair

Jenn Katz-Borrin

Kathryn Kreiser

Emilie Maule

Cheryl Wold

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.           

Student and Early Career Committee

Purposes: (1) advise the Board of Directors on ways to recruit, mentor, and support individuals entering the profession, especially those from diverse backgrounds; (2) advise the Board of Directors on ways to enhance the experience of student and early-career CEC members and encourage their transition to a full-dues-paying membership; (3) determine from nominations received the recipients of the Student Awards; (4) plan and conduct a Student and Early Career Special Educator Forum and/or other events relevant to students and early-career teachers at each Annual Convention that provide(s) opportunities for student attendees to engage with CEC in order to improve their practice, network with peers, maximize the benefits of their CEC membership and the convention experience, and (5) prepare a slate of candidates from applications received for the Student Representative to the Representative Assembly for election by the student membership.

Tracy Sinclair (Chair; Student Representative to the RA) 
Kelly Acosta (Student Representative to the RA)
Belkis Choisel-Praslin
Travis Cooper
Justin Coy
Katie Lane
Carson Quillinan

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Yes I Can Committee

The Yes I Can Committee: (1) publicizes the YIC awards to ensure outstanding entries; (2) seeks and solicits nominations; (3) evaluates the nominees for each category and select recipients; (4) plans an awards ceremony; (5) periodically reviews award categories and criteria; (6) sets sponsorship levels; (7) creates a sponsor prospectus; (8) identifies potential sponsors and donors; and (9) develops awards program marketing and communications plans.

Rebecca Hines, Chair

Karen Holland 

Kimberly Krug

Ann-Bailey Lipsett

Samantha Riggleman

Rebecca Shahrivar

Katherine Squires

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