CEC presented the 2013 Professional Awards at its CEC 2013 Convention & Expo in San Antonio. These recipients represent the highest standards in special education and are to be commended for their devotion to the field and their outstanding contributions to the education of children with exceptionalities.

CEC J.E. Wallace Wallin Special Education Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara_BatemanBarbara D. Bateman
Legal Consultant, Special Education
Professor Emerita, University of Oregon
Creswell, Ore.

Barbara D. Bateman’s contributions to the field of special education have been pioneering and continuously evolving—addressing critical issues of the day and always based on research. Across five decades Bateman’s career has contributed to the field, the development of new concepts, publications and dynamic leadership.

In 1962, at the 40th Annual CEC Convention, Bateman presented the first paper on learning disabilities. This paper would set the stage for research on learning disabilities and instructional methods, and result in special education services to millions of children. That same year, Bateman and Samuel Kirk published “Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Disabilities” in Exceptional Children, a seminal article that is considered one of the top 10 classic articles in the field of special education and is still referenced more than 50 years later.

By 1977 Bateman began articulating the importance of identifying specific learning needs, designing appropriate instruction and evaluating the effectiveness of instruction, instead of theuse of discrepancy formulas.

Among the first special educators to anticipate the importance of legal issues in education, she completed a law degree in 1976. Since then, she has become one of the country’s foremost legal experts in special education law, working with school districts, training teachers and hearing officers, advising families and serving as a consultant to attorneys. Bateman has served as a consultant to attorneys and/or as an expert witness in more than 50 special education cases across the United States, as well as a hearing officer in Oregon’s first IDEA hearings.

“Her melding of diagnosis and instruction with law not only captures the arc of her career, but also explains her extraordinary contributions to the field of learning disabilities,” said Douglas Carnine, professor at the University of Oregon and one of Bateman’s nominators.” 

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The CEC J. E. Wallace Wallin Special Education Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made continued and sustained contributions to the education of children and youth with exceptionalities.

Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Award

Ashlie_Abercrombie_AllardyceAshlie Abercrombie Allardyce
Early Childhood Special Education Community Itinerant Teacher
Calcasieu Parish School System
Lake Charles, La.

Ashlie Abercrombie Allardyce has been an early childhood special education teacher for more than six years, as well as an adjunct special education teacher at University of Louisiana at Lafayette since 2008.  Allardyce is currently early childhood special education community itinerant teacher for Calcasieu Parish School System, where she serves students ages 3-5 years old in their home or community one-two times per week.

Her nominators describe her as a caring and passionate person who is committed to makng a difference in young children through not only her direct instruction of them, but in the preparation of future teachers as well.

“She goes the extra mile to ensure that all students are achieving and reaching the appropriate age/performance level expectations,” said Marcy Boudreaux-Johnson, fellow Louisiana CEC member.  “Her lessons capture the interests of children and employ the use of current trends in early childhood education. Mrs. Allardyce is always eager to work closely with parents of her students to provide consistent, continued growth for students until her next home visit. Her rapport with colleagues and parents is outstanding.”

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The Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding teacher of children with disabilities or gifts and talents. The award honors a CEC member whose work reflects significant educational success for students, continued professional development, and the highest standards of educational quality.

Outstanding CEC Leadership Award

Amy_SantosRosa Milagros Santos
Associate Professor, Department of Special Education
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, Ill.

Rosa Milagros Santos’s dedication to CEC goes back more than 20 years to her days as a student member of CEC, and continues today through her affiliation with The Division on Early Childhood (DEC) at the national and state level.

“Amy stands out among her peers because of her compassion and sincerity in her leadership roles,” said Gregory Cheatham and Lillian Durán, two of Santos’s nominators. “She is both remarkably knowledgeable and generous in her willingness to build capacity and share opportunities. She has been an inspiration to us and her vision has guided us through several DEC and CEC collaborative projects.”

At the national level, Santos’s involvement with CEC and DEC is extensive. She served on the DEC board from 2003-2012, most recently as past president. In her role as DEC president (2009-10), Santos had numerous responsibilities, which included serving as the DEC Conference Co-Chair in 2010.

As the conference Co-Chair, Santos spent many hours leading up to, during and after the conference to ensure a positive experience for all conference attendees. During this same time, Santos also served as the 2010 CEC Convention & Expo program strand chair for early childhood, and she served on the Illinois DEC Board from 2000-2004, including a term as president. 

As DEC President, Santos also introduced several initiatives to increase communication among DEC members. She began the DEC President’s blog. Most significantly though, Santos was instrumental in transforming DEC’s Executive Board.

“A strong board provides the necessary leadership in ensuring that the organization's mission and vision are realized,” Santos said. “While DEC Executive Board's transformation is a continuing effort, the impact the changes to the board has had on the organization's operation is now becoming more evident particularly on the quantity and quality of the organization's connection to its members.”

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The Outstanding CEC Leadership Award honors a CEC member who has made significant contributions to the Council’s programs and activities at the local, state/provincial, and national/international level over an extended period of time.

CEC Special Education Research Award 

Russell_GerstenRussell Gersten
Executive Director, Instructional Research Group
Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon
Los Alamitos, Calif.

Russell Gersten has been a leading researcher in the field of special education for more than four decades and is well known within the field for the high standards he maintains and the high quality of his research. He is especially known for his rigorous research on interventions to improve the achievement of students with disabilities.

“He is a master of research design and analysis that is the equal of the very best professionals in our field and is certainly one of the finest writers and users of language that I’ve ever encountered among professional colleagues,” said Hill M. Walker, one of Gersten’s nominators. “When combined with Russell’s conceptual skills and abilities, these attributes allow him to forge achievements that are a rarity in our field.”

Gersten’s research contributions fall into several categories: understanding and implementing rigorous standards in research; mathematics instruction, including RTI and early intervention in math; development and implementation of interventions to improve reading comprehension among students with learning disabilities; and methods for translating research into teaching practice.

“Most of us who have won the CEC Special Education Research Award are lucky if we can point to more than a single area where we had a seminal impact,” said Steve Graham, Warner Professor of Special Education at Arizona State University and the 2005 Recipient of the CEC Special Education Research Award. “Dr. Gersten is basically a man for all seasons who has been at the forefront of educational research, policy and practice for 30 years or more, within special education and outside of it.”

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The CEC Special Education Research Award recognizes an individual or research team whose research has made significant contributions to the education of exceptional children and youth.

CEC Business Award

Chantilly, Va.

Securis’s long-time partnership with a local high school has shown commitment to educating and including persons with disabilities in the workplace.

Founded in 2003, Securis, then named PC Recycler, offered companies a way to responsibly dispose of their obsolete electronics. Securis has gone on to become an industry-leading provider of green alternatives to the dilemma of electronic asset management and related security issues.

After relocating to the Washington, D.C., area in 2005, Securis began a partnership with a local high school to help students with disabilities obtain work experience and learn new skills. More than 100 students have learned from and worked with Securis throughout past eight years, some even earning summer internships and jobs with the company.

“From students that need one-on-one instruction to independent students, the staff at Securis has been willing and proactive in designing work environments and tasks that are appropriate and challenging for each one,” said Kevin Ford, Chantilly High School Lead Intellectual Disabilities Program Teacher. “The flexibility of the staff and the environment is such that we are able to offer a work opportunity to some of our students with difficult behaviors that otherwise might not find a suitable place to work.”

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The CEC Business Award recognizes a business or corporation that has provided for the employment and enhancement of individuals with exceptionalities in order to promote and support their full participation in the community.