Reality 101 is CEC's blog written for new special and gifted education teachers, by new special and gifted education teachers.

Reality 101 bloggers are CEC members--who have been selected to share their experiences with the special and gifted education community for an entire school year. There will be successes and challenges, ups and downs . . . but no matter what, their stories will showcase just how rewarding a career in special education can be.

We encourage readers, both new and veteran educators, to get to know them, offer advice and share their own stories through the blog. Be sure to subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed, so you don't miss a single post! (See the upper-left corner of the blog.)

Reality 101 Bloggers Wanted!

Are you a new special or gifted education professional who’s passionate about your work, your students and the field of special or gifted education? 

Are you an excellent writer who wants to share your successes and your challenges with others who can benefit from your experience?

CEC is searching for members to write about their experiences as a new special or gifted education teacher on Reality 101, CEC's popular blog for new teachers.

Apply today!
 Please e-mail your completed application, including your resume and a photograph, to by Friday, Aug. 29, 2014.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a current CEC member in good standing and maintain your membership through at least July 2015.
  • You have three or fewer years of experience in the field.
  • You have the permission of your school principal or other supervisor (see Section B of the application).

Selection Considerations

  • You’re an excellent writer who knows how to let your personality shine through your words.
  • You’re creative, enthusiastic and enjoy engaging with other special educators online.
  • You understand blogs and other forms of social media.

Read some of our past blog posts.


  • We’ll need concise (approximately 500 words) and compelling entries about your experiences as a new special educator.  Blog posts should follow CEC style guidelines (which we’ll provide), use person-first language and are subject to editing by CEC staff.
  • We would need several blog posts (at least twice per month) from September 2014 through June 2015 and adherence to a pre-established publication schedule.
  • The time commitment is about four (4) hours per month (depending on the time you need to write).
  • We will need you to respond to comments on your blog post, within reason and as your schedule allows. This will not take more than 30 minutes/month.


  • A complimentary one-year CEC membership.


Please contact Megan Jones,, 703-264-9447.

Download the Reality 101 Blogger Application

Are you a teacher educator? Consider using Reality 101 as a course supplement for your introductory special education classes.

Reality 101: CEC's blog for new special education teachers
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