Program Developer Resources

Perhaps the most helpful resource for both program reviewers and developers is the CEC Program Recognition FAQ, a collection of the most frequently asked questions by both reviewers and developers.

CEC offers multiple Program Report Developer Technical Supports, including:

  • Individualized Technical Tele-Support
  • Individualized Onsite Technical Support
  • Group Onsite Technical Support
  • Convention Workshops at TED (Fall) and CEC (Spring) 

Following are the materials from the CEC Developer's Resource Manual.

21 Report Section II: Delineating Program Based Performance Assessments

23 Report Section III Initial CEC Preparation Standards

24 Report Section III Advanced CEC Preparation Standards

25 Advanced Standards Alignment Worksheet

26 Standards Major Elements Program Assessments Alignment

31 Assessment 2, Special Education Content Knowledge Comprehensive Exam

32 Assessment 5, Behavior Change Project

33 Assessment 6, IEP IFSP Portfolio Artifact

34 Assessment 8 Assistive Technology Project

35 Assessment 8 Assessment Worksample

43 Attributes of a Quality Rubric

54 NCATE Guidelines for Course Grades

62 A1DG CEC Option A Developer Guidelines

62 A1IG CEC Option A Initial Program Developer Guidelines

62 A2IF CEC Option A Initial Program Report Form

62 A2AG CEC Option A Advanced Program Developer Guidelines

62 A2AF CEC Option A Advanced Program Form

62 B1 CEC Option B Initial Program Developer Guidelines

62 B2 CEC Option B Advanced Program Developer Guidelines

65 CEC Program Report Template on AIMS

68 CEC Developer Guidelines for Response to Conditions Reports

73 CEC Program Reviewer Application

CEC Program Recognition FAQ