How to Participate

  • Step 1: Select and play a recorded lecture of your choice.

    Lectures are available 24/7 while the conference is in session (January 14-27, 2015).  Lectures include slides with audio, and each is about one hour long.

  • Step 2: Interact with speakers in live chats.

    During the conference, each speaker will hold a one-hour live chat (like a webinar).  Watch the lecture first, then bring your questions and comments to the chat session.

  • Step 3: Post comments to discussion threads.

    Post comments to the discussion threads linked to each lecture.  Get perspectives from speakers as well as your fellow conference attendees.

  • Step 4: Return to Step 1 and repeat.

    You can hear all the lectures whenever it's convenient for you.  You don't have to choose between competing concurrent sessions!

    Don't forget to access the Resource Center, where you'll find presentation slides from each lecture as well as other resources recommended by our subject-matter experts.