Division Showcase Sessions

Division showcase sessions are planned and selected by CEC's divisions and address critical issues and substantive trends related to the mission of each division. Divisions are organizations within the Council whose members are interested in a particular aspect of special education.

Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)
90 Tips in 120 Minutes
Leader(s): Julie Weatherly, Resolutions in Special Education, Inc., Mobile, AL

Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)
Effective Instructional Practices for Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Do We Practice What We Preach?
Leader(s): Terrance Scott, University of Louisville, KY

Division for Research (CEC-DR)
CEC’s Evidence-Based Practice Initiative: Preliminary Research Update
Leader(s): Bryan Cook, University of Hawaii, Honolulu

Pioneers Division of CEC (CEC-PD)
Celebrating the Contributions of Dr. Mary Ruth Coleman:  Champion for the Education of Underrepresented Students With Gifts and Talents
Leader(s): Jamie Hopkins, University of Cincinnati, Ohio and Linda Marsal, Council for Exceptional Children

Council for Educational Diagnostic Services (CEDS)
Advanced Certification: Adding Value to Professional Practice
Leader(s): Teresa Montani, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ

Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD)
Evidence-Based Practices for Students With Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Leader(s): Robert Stodden, University of Hawaii, Honolulu

Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness (DCDD)
Exploring the World: Supporting Children With Hearing Loss in a Typical Preschool - (PART 1) and S.T.A.I.R. Strategies: Steps to Success (PART 2)
Leader(s): Helen Morrison, Listening and Spoken Language Coaching and Mentoring, Fort Worth ,TX and Lisa Lopez, Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children, San Antonio, TX

Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT)
Tiered Interventions and College and Career Readiness: So Now What?
Leader(s): Catherine Fowler, NSTTAC, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Division for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners (DDEL)
Spotlight on Parents of Children With Disabilities From an Array of Cultural Backgrounds
Leader(s): Elizabeth Cramer, Florida International University, Miami

Division for Early Childhood (DEC)
¡ADELANTE! Moving Forward on Culturally Responsive Practices for Families of Children With Disabilities
Leader(s): Vivian Correa, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES)
International Perspectives on Special Needs Education
Leader(s): Susan O'Rourke, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA

Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD)
Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in the STEMs
Leader(s): Paul Riccomini, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Division for Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities (DPHMD)
Demystifying Chronic Illness: What Every Educator Needs to Know
Leader(s): Mary Kay Irwin, Cincinnati Children's Hospital/University of Cincinnati, OH

Division on Visual Impairments (DVI)
Inquiry-Based Science Instruction for Students With Visual Impairments
Leader(s): Tiffany Wild, Ohio State University, Columbus

The Association for the Gifted (TAG)
Using TAG Books to Highlight Diverse Learners With Gifts and Talents
Leader(s): Julia Link Roberts, The Center for Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

Technology and Media Division (TAM)
Can App Mean Appropriate? Maybe - If You Check it Out!
Leader(s): Margaret Bausch, University of Kentucky, Lexington

Teacher Education Division (TED)
Is It Time to Do Away With Initial Stand-Alone Licensure in Special Education?
Leader(s): Marleen Pugach, University of Southern California, Los Angeles