NEW! Earn Professional Development Hours for All Your 2014 CEC Convention Sessions

This year, you can earn CEC Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for all the education sessions you attend. Here’s how.

What are CEC Professional Development Hours (PDHs)?

One professional development hour (PDH) represents one clock hour spent in a planned continuing education experience that is relevant to the profession or discipline of special education, is developed from explicit learning outcomes, conducted by qualified instructional personnel, and designed to reflect principles of good practice in adult education.

Why has CEC switched from CEUs to PDHs?

States use different units of measurement for professional development activities (credits, CEUs, PDUs, etc.). We have adopted PDHs as the CEC unit of measurement because clock hours are a common denominator underlying most systems of measuring continuing education activities.

What convention activities carry CEC PDHs?

You can earn CEC PDHs for all convention education sessions, including preconvention workshops, lectures, panels, posters, strands, and town hall meetings.

Activities that are not eligible for PDHs include meetings, exhibits and exhibit showcase sessions, social events, awards ceremonies, and educational site visits.

What are the requirements to receive CEC PDHs?

  • You must be registered for the convention.
  • You must attend a session in full to claim it for PDHs. (The reporting system will not allow you to claim two sessions that overlap in time.)
  • For poster sessions, you should engage with poster content for the full 45 minute time block to earn PDHs.

How will I claim credit?

  • Once the convention begins, you’ll log into the CEC web site and enter each convention session you attend. Specific instructions will be provided to registrants.
  • You’ll have through Monday, April 28, to enter all your sessions. You may enter them as you go, or wait until you’re back home.
  • Be sure to keep good personal records of all the sessions you attend.
  • There is no charge to use the tracking system, receive a transcript, or receive CEC PDHs.

What will my PDH transcript include?

Your transcript will list all the sessions you attended, the duration in hours of each one, and the total number of PDHs you earned. Your PDH transcript also serves as a confirmation of attendance document.

Will CEC PDHs count toward my license or certification requirements?

Many states accept CEC professional development activities toward their requirements, but some do not. Check in advance with the relevant credentialing authorities in your state.

Pennsylvania Act 48 Hours

CEC is working with the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PATTAN) to provide Act 48 hours for the Convention. If you are subject to Pennsylvania Act 48 requirements, you’ll follow the PDH procedures above. Your qualifying Act 48 hours will be reported to the Act 48 system within 30 days of the conclusion of the convention. Please note: poster sessions and exhibitor showcase sessions are not acceptable for Act 48 hours.