Current Special/Gifted Education Issues

Public Policy Resources

CEC's Public Policy Agenda for the 113th Congress
CEC has unveiled its 2013–2015 policy agenda, outlining the major legislation its Policy and Advocacy Services Unit will work on to further the education of children with disabilities and gifts and talents.

CEC Releases Fiscal Year 2015 Federal Outlook for Exceptional Children
CEC's 2015 Federal Outlook for Exceptional Children provides budgetary recommendations for funding programs for the United States' seven million children with disabilities and/or giftedness. The Federal Outlook is designed to explain to lawmakers and their staff the critical need for funding programs for children with disabilities and/or giftedness. Contributions made by special educators and school districts help put a human touch on these abstract concepts.

CEC’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Chart
Learn about Federal funding for special and gifted education programs, including the Obama Administration’s request, CEC’s recommendations and past funding levels. Fiscal Year Appropriations Chart 2015

Webinar: What Every Educator Needs to Know About Upcoming Changes to Special Education Policy
In this webinar, Deb Ziegler, CEC's Director of Policy & Advocacy, CEC’s Policy and Advocacy Director analyzes education policies currently under discussion in Washington, DC including: ESEA, Federal Budget, Early Childhood, Higher Education, Gifted, and the Education Sciences Reform Act, reviews the recent changes to education policy supported by the Administration and Congress and examine their impact on children and youth with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. Originally aired June 4, 2015.