CEC Leadership

CEC is governed by a Board of Directors which receives advice from various groups on a variety of issues. Learn more about our Board and advisory groups below.

Board of Directors

CEC’s Board of Directors is the organization’s administrative, general legislative, and policy making body. The Board of Directors establishes strategic direction for CEC, addresses issues of concern, and sets policy.

Representative Assembly

CEC’s Representative Assembly is the Council’s membership advisory body. The Assembly includes two representatives from each state and provincial unit, division and the student membership.


CEC committees are responsible for advising the Board of Directors in their particular areas and may be responsible for selected activities. They report to the Board of Directors.


Workgroups are established by the Board of Directors and are assigned a specific charge and outcomes to be completed within a designated period of time. Workgroup members have knowledge, skills, and expertise in a particular area of strategic importance to the Council.

State/Provincial Unit and Division Leadership

Each of CEC's State/Provincial Units and Divisions is a separate legal entity and is governed by its own Board of Directors.