CEC Leadership

Board of Directors

CEC’s Board of Directors is the organization’s administrative, general legislative, and policy making body. The Board of Directors establishes strategic direction for CEC, addresses issues of concern, and sets policy.

The CEC Board of Directors is composed of four officers (President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, and Treasurer); 15 members-at-large (four from diverse ethnic and multicultural groups; one from the classroom ranks; one from Canada; and nine non-designated); and one Student Member.  In addition, the CEC Executive Director serves as Secretary and is a non-voting member of the Board.

Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is the membership advisory body of CEC and is composed of two representatives from each state and provincial affiliate, division, and student membership and the Board of Directors.. Representative Assembly members represent CEC’s entire membership. They identify issues and advise the Board of Directors on positions CEC should take on issues related to the field and profession; inform the Board of Directors, CEC affiliates and divisions, and committees, of membership issues and perspectives; and acts as a forum to examine prospective ideas, strategy directions, policy initiatives, and other issues. The Representative Assembly meets formally once a year at the CEC Convention & Expo and conducts discussions online throughout the year.


CEC’s committees assist CEC to realize specific organizational goals and responsibilities. The committees are responsible for advising the Board of Directors in their particular areas and may be responsible for specific activities. They report to the Board of Directors. 

Committee chairpersons are nominated by the CEC President and approved by the Board of Directors. Committee members are selected by the committee chairpersons.


CEC’s workgroups are given a time-specific charge and outcome(s) by the Board of Directors. Each workgroup is composed of individuals with knowledge and expertise in an area of strategic importance to the Council. Workgroup chair reports to the Board of Directors.