CEC 2014 Committees

CEC committees are responsible for advising the Board of Directors in their particular areas and may be responsible for selected activities. They report to the Board of Directors.

Committee chairpersons are nominated by the CEC President and approved by the CEC Board of Directors. Committee members are nominated by the committee chairperson and approved by the CEC President.

Canadian/U.S. Committee

The Canadian/U.S. Committee advises the Board on communication, networking, and liaising; professional knowledge and skills; and advocacy. The Committee is comprised of CEC members who reside in Canada and the U.S., including the CEC Board of Directors Member-at-Large, Canada.

  • Denise Drinkwalter, Chair (Canada) 
  • Mitchell Curci (Canada)                                     
  • Luann Pavlu (US)                         
  • Cindy Perras (Canada)                                                       
  • Anne Sloboda, (Board Member-at-Large, Canada)      
  • Truman Spring, (Canada) 
  • Kate Synder (US)

Diversity Committee

The CEC Board of Directors appointed a Diversity Workgroup for 2013-2014 to examine CEC’s critical work on diversity. Please see Diversity Workgroup for further information. The work of the diversity committee is pending until the CEC Board receives the Diversity Workgroup Report at the end of 2014.

Elections Standing Committee

The Elections Standing Committee prepares a ballot for the Board of Directors slate of candidates selected by the Nominations Standing Committee and oversees/conducts membership-wide elections.

  • Colleen Konecsni, Chair                                   
  • Frank Dykes
  • David Lojkovic
  • LaRon Scott    
  • Valerie Sharpe        

Finance and Audit Standing Committee

The Finance and Audit Standing Committee addresses the financial stability of the CEC and recommends to the Board of Directors the action to be taken on the annual program plan and budget. Other duties relate to the review of financial policies. The Committee is chaired by the Treasurer.  The President Elect also serves as a member of the committee.

  • Sharon Raimondi, Chair (CEC Treasurer)
  • James Heiden (President Elect)
  • Robert Corso
  • Ron Felton
  • Butch Stevens
  • Raschelle Theoharis
  • Darlene Unger

Honors Committee

The Honors Committee selects the recipients of the CEC Professional Awards. The Honors Committee also periodically reviews the CEC Awards program and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for enhancements.

  • Michael Behrmann, Chair
  • Candace Borger                                                     
  • Lyndal Bullock                                                        
  • Donna McNear                                                      
  • Joel E. Mittler                                                      
  • Cynthia Simpson                                                  
  • Gerald M. Wallace                                                 

Nominations Standing Committee

The Nominations Standing Committee ensures that all CEC constituent groups and segments have opportunities to participate in leadership development and activities involved in mentoring opportunities, and become candidates for CEC elected/appointed leadership positions. The Committee annually solicits nominations and prepares a slate of candidates to fill positions of the Board of Directors. The Committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President.

  • Christy Chambers, Chair
  • Andrea Beam (Non-Designated)                                                                                                   
  • Carol Dinsdale (Classroom Ranks)   
  • Annette Gaitan (Board Representative)               
  • Mikki Garcia (Board Representative)                                             
  • Linda DeZell Hall (Non-Designated)                                         
  • Clayton Keller (International)                          
  • Margaret McLane (Divisions)
  • Charmion Rush (Diverse)                      

Professional Standards and Practice Committee

The Professional Standards and Practice Committee studies the area of practice standards and advises the Board of Directors regarding CEC professional policies and activities. Other duties include the development of guidelines and materials to assist the field in meeting the Council’s professional standards.

  • James McLeskey, Chair
  • Linda Blanton                                                          
  • Bonnie Billingsley                                                 
  • Colleen M. Riley                                                    
  • Alba Ortiz                                                                  
  • Angela Mucci                                                           
  • Phyllis Wolfram                                                     
  • Kimberly Rice                                                   

Representative Assembly Committee

The Representative Assembly Committee advises the presiding officer of the Representative Assembly (the CEC President) on procedures, formats, and field-based issues for Assembly meetings and online discussions. Other duties include approval of Assembly meeting minutes, maintenance of the Assembly handbook, conduction of orientations, and evaluation of the annual meeting and resolutions committee functions.

  • Jennifer Lesh, Chair (FL)
  • Sheila Bailey (CASE)
  • Marueen Burness (CA)
  • Troy Gonzales (DDEL)
  • Cindy Perras (ON)                                                                                   

Student Committee

The Student Committee advises the Board of Directors on ways to recruit student members, increase diversity, and improve the transition of student to professional membership. The Committee also conducts a Forum at the annual convention, selects recipients for the Student Awards, and chooses candidates for the student representatives to the CEC Representative Assembly.

  • Jacqueline Rodriguez, Chair
  • Robin Parks Ennis (Student Representative to the RA)       
  • Michael Jackson (Student Representative to the RA) 
  • Brian Kulaga                                                             
  • Amber McAdoo                                                      
  • Kaleen Shultz                                                          
  • Denise Whitford                                                    
  • Benjamin White (Student Member of the Board of Directors)